Martin Rusnák, MD, PhD, Professor of Public Health
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I am a man, in my early sixties. Married to Viera, She is an MD, PhD and MBA, Associated professor of medical informatics. Two sons. Branko, the older is MBA and works in a consulting company, both in Bratislava and Vienna. Jano has MBA, too. He is in South Sudan, teaching on a vocational school within the Diocesis of Rumbek, We have one granddaughter Alexandra and two grandsons Martin and Matej.

I am Medical Doctor experienced in public health, quality of health care, EBM, projects and program evaluation, health systems research, health and medical informatics, medical and health care statistics, modeling, project management, computer applications, hospital and national information systems.

I am the Implementation Team Leader and Key Expert in Public Health in the project Public Health Reform II in Bosnia and Herzegovina and professor of public health at the Faculty of Health Care and Social Work at Trnava Univerzity,Trnava, the Slovak Republic.

I have extensive experience in numerous international projects in the area of brain trauma management, clinical guidelines implementation and evaluation, health care system quality and others. I served as the coordinator and the team leader for the FP6 research project INCO-DEV: International Cooperation with Developing Countries (1998-2002): Reducing mortality and long-term disability of TBI victims through research into treatment procedures used in Bosnia-Herzegovina, Macedonia and Croatia. RESEARCH TREAT TBI. I was mostly concerned with the quality of collected data as well as the quality assurance for the duration of entire project. I significantly contributed to the analysis of collected data as well as to interpretation of findings. I performed as the investigator in the project: „Alfred von Auersperg“ - “Einfluss der Verwendung von Behandlungsstandards auf das Ergebnis der Behandlung von Patienten mit schwerem Schädel-Hirn-Trauma”, funded as Jubiläumsfondsprojekt Nr. 8987. I co-published series of papers on research results from studies of TBI (available on request). My major research interests are in quality of care for TBI victims based on Evidence. Currently he is involved in a study of the prehospital care for TBI patients in Austria and a study of long-term outcomes from TBI in Slovakia. I am a member of Academia Multidisciplinaria Neurotraumatologica and various professional organizations locally and internationally.

Further iInternational activities involved three MATRA projects (Dutch), a project on severe traumatic brain injuries management in 7 hospitals in Austria, 3 Balkan countries (EU 5th Framework Program) and 8 countries of CEE , 2 assignments in South Sudan with CORDAID, 2 US AID projects in Slovakia, Open Society Institute in U.S., Regional Projects in Central and Eastern Europe and Newly Independent States, Albert Schweitzer Institute for the Humanities, consultancies for World Health Organization (WHO) in Geneva and HEDEC, Finland, European Union research projects, 12 years research scholarship in the International Institute of Applied System Analysis (IIASA) in Austria.